What is it?

Four Tales is a horror comic with a touch of mystery and magical realism/fantasy.  It is divided into four main stories that slowly come together.  Saying much more than that would interfere with the mystery!  The style is done with pen crosshatching meant to mimic Victorian-era illustration.  The comic is currently complete.

Who am I?

I'm a lady on the Internet, but my body typically takes up physical space in Houston, Texas.  I recently finished up a double bachelor's degree in Environmental Science and English and I will soon be starting my master's in Restoration Ecology (click to be educated by Hank Green on what that is).  The things I do for money include cello-playing and website design and programming, and I'm the COO and main tech for Hiveworks Comics.  The things I do for not money include eating, breathing, talking, drawing, singing, reading, writing, musicing, procrastinating, and generally being a nuisance (it's an art).  I enjoy being active in the LGBTQ community when possible.  To see my other projects, head on over to Erin Productions.

And my name's Erin.  By the way. 


What else?

Not really!  This is a completed comic, so if you liked it, you should check out my other stuff at Erin Productions.  My current comic project is Metacarpolis, so you should read that! The best places to stalk me currently are my tumblr, twitter, and deviantART.