Other stuff from me

Erin Productions
My personal website linking to other projects and such!

Hiveworks Comics
I'm the COO!  That means I'm super important, of course.  SUPER important.

My personal tumblr
Would you liked to be bothered at a more persistant, irritating pace?  Then follow my tumblr!

My personal twitter
Would you liked to be bothered at an EVEN MORE persistant, irritating pace?  Then follow my twitter!

My other ongoing comic!  Includes such miracles as color and robutts.

Works in Progress
A NOW PROBABLY PERMANENTLY HIATUSED comic!  A slice-of-life comic with silliness and far less crosshatching.

isjusterin at deviantART
My deviantART account, a much more reliable source for finding non-comic art. I also do occasional updates there that debrief the sum of all ongoing projects.

Four Tales at SmackJeeves
You can follow Four Tales on SmackJeeves if that's your thing! I won't judge.  Okay, maybe I'll judge a little.

Other awesome comics

If you don't already have these comics on your watchlist, I highly recommend them. I tried to avoid the very obvious (xkcd, Dr. McNinja, SMBC, Penny Arcade). Also, if you want me to link you, send me the link and I'll see if I like it!

MS Paint Adventures - My current favorite webcomic. Don't start it unless you've got about two three five days to kill.  (I PUT THIS ON THE LIST BEFORE HOMESTUCK WAS COOL! AND I WILL NEVER REMOVE IT!)
Athena Wheatley
Ava's Demon
Anything By Claude T.C.
Blaster Nation
Chester 5000 XYZ (NSFW)
Curvy (NSFW)
Family Man
Gunnerkrigg Court
No Rest for the Wicked
Nuclear Winter
Olympus Overdrive
The Rock Cocks (NSFW)
Sister Claire
Spare Keys for Strange Doors
Three Word Phrase
You Suck (NSFW)